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W40xD20xH50mm, China

This is another type of bird feeder, a slight cruel one.  A live cricket or insect treat is put inside the cage which is then attached to the side of the bamboo bird cage, the gate is opened from the outside and here comes “dinner”!  The detail by the gate is for the attachment of the bamboo bar of the bird cage.

Click here for a more traditional bird feeder.

W100xD40xH110mm, China

This whiskey flask shaped cage is for keeping crickets.  Chinese have been keeping crickets since the Tang dynasty, however, very few of them as been kept as pet but rather as fighters.  Cricket has a life span of around 100 days, cricket match traditionally take place in autumn, it is said that the word “autumn” 秋 represented 2 crickets.  Cricket fight is banned in Hong Kong, so good to say that those raised here are only as pets for admiration.   This cage has 3 compartments, 2 small ones on the upper deck and 1 at the lower deck.  As each male cricket need to be  isolated to avoid conflicts, 3 can be raised in this single cage.  As in all the Chinese bamboo cage design,  if you look closely at a gate, one of the bars is shorter, this acts as a safety lock so that the gate cannot open accidental.

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