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W50XD40XH70mm, China

This copper-nickle silver boxes are used in the late Qing dynasty for storing opium.  On the top of the box is a button for releasing the cover and also for attaching a string which can be tied to the waist.  The boxes are well used and worn, as if they were something treasured by the owner.  Knowing the history, its kind of sad looking at them, but at the same time they are a sharp reminder of what drugs can do to a person and a country.

DIA250xH150mm, China

For these cold nights, here is a Chinese version of the hot water bottle known as the “hot water mistress”.  It is made with a good conductor (such as copper nickle, pewter or porcelian) and once hot water is filled in through the small screw up opening, it will be enclosed with a thick cloth bag and put in to warm the bed.