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W570xH430mm, China

Dragons are supreme mythical creatures, even the Emperor are symbolised by the dragon.  It is believed that when the carp fish can jump through the narrow section, known as the Dragon Gate, in Chuan Jiang River it will become a dragon.  Every year during spring time, at the down stream of the Dragon Gate gathers thousands of fish, because of the pinch in the stream the current is especially strong and being upstream only the most capable fish can make it through the gate.

The transformation from fish to dragon is a blessing parents wish for their children, from the ordinary carp into the mythical dragon.

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The beautiful jade pendant has the theme of a carp swimming among the lotus, this theme is popular in Chinese painting.  It is true that muddy lotus pool offer an ideal habitat for the carp fish and that it makes an interesting composition, the reason for this established theme lays in another reason.  Like most Chinese decoration, it is an idea of blessing; the words lotus 蓮 (lian) and carp 鯉 (li) shares the same pronouncation with the words joined 連 (lian) and branches 理 (li).  連理 refers to two individual trees having their branches joined together (inosculation), a marriage, becoming one.   A blessing for the marriage, an ideal X’mas present for the wife.

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W130xH70xD30, China

The carp fish is a blessing symbol for the Chinese, there are many legends regarding the carp fish and here is one of them:
Once upon a time there is an orphan named Ji Qing, without a family he made his living as a boat tracker on the Chuan Jiang River.  Life was hard but he lived his days joyfully, being a good swimmer he is able to retrieve any objects his passenger accidentally dropped into the ocean.  Diving deep into the water he had a special bond with the carp fish, even if he is hungry he will not harm them, his friend made fun of him and called him silly Qing.  One day when he was tidying up the tow string, he saw a beautiful golden carp but at the same time a water snake was about to make it his dinner.  Ji Qing threw the string on the water snake and saved the golden carp, he took the injured carp to his hut and nursed it for days.  One evening exhausted from a day’s water he rushed home to see the carp but it was no where to be found.  Oddly on the table was 4 gold bars and there carved the words, “I have jumped to the sky and swam to the reef but failed to be a dragon (it is believe that if a carp can jump over the mountain it will turn into a dragon), here I am to give wealth to Ji Qing.

Would this be the golden carp?

W70xL160xH60mm, China

For something much lighter today is a tin toy of a carp swallowing a smaller fish.  Wind it up and you will see the carp chasing the other fish which finally disappear altogether inside the bigger fish.

Something of a similar theme, see out post fish bag.

L1500xH500mm, Japan

This is a carp wind sock for the celebration of the Tango no Sekku festival (the Boy’s festival, now known as the Children’s Day).  The wind sock will be hung on a pole from April to early May.  Typically they will be hung up the roof on a pole from top down; the fukinagashi steamer, the biggest black koinobori (the father), the big red one (the mother), the small blue one (the son), the green, the purple and the orange koinobori (in sequence for the other children in the household).  As carps will swim upstream against all difficulties to achieve their goal, parents hopes their child will do the same to become a great person.

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