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wood block printW600xL1750mm, China

This birthday print is filled with blessing symbols –

God of Longevity who is holding a cane on one hand and the Buddha’s hand fruit on the other hand.
The lady of behind is Ma Gu, the female God of Longevity with a basket full of magical plants.  Unlike the God of Longevity who has an appearance of an old man with a protruding forehead, Ma Gu is portrayed as a beautiful girl in her late teens.  In the legend, every year on the 3rd of lunar March, on the birthday of the Queen Mother of the West, Ma Gu will give her best wishes.
Lastly, the child saint carrying a basket full of longevity peaches, also a well known theme for birthday blessings.

Unlike the birthday scroll being a respectable birthday present for the elderly lady that would be held around birthday time, this is a Mian Zhu new year print that is pasted on the wall on Chinese New Year and to be replaced yearly.


god of longevity W100xD80xH200mm, China

This is a figurine is that of the God of Longevity, he is holding a longevity peach that just one bite of it will make one immortal.

Click here to see the god of longevity’s relation with astronomy,
history and
his cane.

W40xD20xH120mm, China

This is a figurine of the God of Longevity in an early post.  You might notice that he is always carrying a long cane; this cane came from the state banquet held for all the OAP (the 70+) in the East Han dynasty.  The emperor had the cane specially made for all those who attended the party, the cane symbolized the privileges that were awarded to the elderly.  The head of the cane was decorated with a turtledove thus its called a turtledove cane.

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