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patchworkW820xL130mm, China

This is a section of a patchwork from the Miao tribe.  I find the creatures on the patchwork processing a lot charm, as this is handmade even if they are the same kind, are different.  This simple beauty is already hard to find in the digital age.

On this patchwork there are flowers, butterfly, fish, birds and dragons.  The Miao believes that creatures are interchangeable; a man can become a dragon and vice versa, fish butterfly, flowers and bird can also turn into dragon.  Recorded in one of the ancient songs, the butterfly has 12 sons, they had a fight and the water dragon was chased away.  He escaped through the waterways and into the ocean, then he realised he has forgotten to bring his money!  The fish surrounded his and offered him the money and he was able to become the king of the ocean.  There used to be a lot of these ancient songs which get passed down by mouth through generations, sadly only 12 songs were left.



A  hetian jade butterfly pendant on beautifully hand woven necklace.


Something Old Something New
Collectible Jewellery Collection

 Textile Width 750mm, China

Discharge dyeing works with the removal of the dye originally applied to the fabric.  In this case, it was originally a red piece of fabric using a dye remover was applied through a stencil resulting in a pattern of the red colour.  This technique was introduced into China in the 50s which became very popular in the rural area.  Traditional fabric dyeing technique in China are based on vegetable dye where the intensity of the colour will run through time and wash.  Discharge dyeing was most welcomed as the colour stays and the patterns are fine.  This fabric has a butterfly and flower print.

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