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clay toy

 W100xH100xD25mm, China

A figurine of a cute chubby girl holding her pekingese dog, she is no ordinary girl but A-Fu the giant child and what she is toying with is no pet dog but a fierce lion.  She and her boy friend has been send to earth to protect us from beasts that has been threatening the villagers in ancient time.  (It would seem that the human are a more a threat to the wild life today and they should turn around and offer them protection instead.)

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L80xW30mm, China

It is hard to have your pet with you all the time, how about having a cute little fish that can hang out by your side?



The train to the future makes 1000 years of history like a bygone yesterday.

Along the way, you will see scenes of China over the centuries and changes in Hong Kong over the past 100 years; you will meet trendy, self-confident women, dynamic revolutionaries, and ambitious, liberal-minded literati; and enjoy traditional performances, dedicate craftsmanship and touching stories.

Our past continues to thrive. A gateway to the past has been opened by 18 contemporary artists, who bring our history alive.

Participating Artists:
Halley Cheng, Chow Chun-fai, KaCaMa Design Lab, Koon Wai-bong, Lam Tung-pang, Lau Ching-ping, Hanison Lau, Wing Lee, Rosanna Li, Chris Lo, Aries Sin, Stanley Siu, Tang Kwok-hin, the pancakes, Johnson Tsang, Annie Wan, Justin Wong, XCEED

What I love about this exhibition is the juxtaposition of the new works against the old, there is a reaction, a dialogue between the 2, not only is the works inspired from the past but also cast a different light on the collection of the Heritage Museum.  The new works is there as a continuation but at the same time exist in its own right.

Don’t be deter by the location of the Heritage Museum, you wont regret it.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum
11 April 2015 – 28 September 2015


W180xD70xH500mm, China

This little guy is the bridegroom in the puppet theater.

This puppet is called a Chaozhou wire puppet, the body of the puppet is supported by a main wire attached to the back of waistline of the puppet while the 2 arms are controlled by 2 wires attached to the waists, hence wire puppet, all the 3 wires are controlled by the puppeteer at the back stage.

The wire puppet is originated from the shadow puppet, it is also known as the Paper Shadow Puppet (through there is no paper and no shadow at all).  From the break through from its 2 dimensions into having a round body, a head, then the removal of the paper screen demanding for a more very articulated head and costume.  The control of the puppet remained more or less the same as the traditional shadow puppet giving the limitation of the movement of the head and the legs.

Click here to see the insight of wire puppet in today’s world.  In the beginning of the movie you will see a man talking in a small construction site to a worker.  The worker is one of the puppeteers who have abandon his art to make a more stable living as a masonry worker.  The leader of the small puppet theater was trying to lure him to perform again.  Despite being one of the national  intangible cultural heritage items, it seems that its survival at the moment is only held out by the determination of the artisan.  So next time when you see a puppet show please go and give it the support it deserves.



W25xD25xH85mm, China

The Chinese adores the symbol of the bat; being viewed as an icon of blessing, their symbol can be seen everywhere.  The Chinese name for bat is 蝠 (fu), which sound like the word blessing, 福 (fu).

This particular toggle do looks a bit like the Dracula, now that’s a cool blessing!

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One day a rabbit boost on how fast he could run and laughed at the turtle being so slow.  The turtle challenged him to a race, taking it as a joke the proud rabbit took on the challenge.  The rabbit hopped off while the turtle slowly crawl,  half way through the rabbit got bored and decided to take a nap.  The dream was so sweet, the rabbit slept deeply while the turtle crawl passed him.  When the bunny wakes up this was already dark, he ran as fast as he could to the finish line and there the turtle was waiting for him.

Happy Easter Bunny!



DIA150xH30mm, China

A famille rose octagonal plate with an auspicious pattern.

A pattern common enough, but can someone let us know what the yellow fusilli like shape and 5 red decoration represent? 5 bats in the cloud?  5 peony within a sea of yellow bats?