File-3---C11---3016-2-灶君府W340xH530mm, China

Today the 24th day of lunar December is the day to thank your Kitchen God.

It is believed that the Kitchen God has spend a year blessing our food and our cooking (which one must be thankful for!), apart from this he has been monitoring our virtue and evil deeds and will depart in the morning to report to the Jade Emperor.  To thank him for his hard work and to avoid any slip up with his report, special food has to be offered for this occasion.

  • A bowl of water and a bowl of rice – to signify that the Kitchen God to be pure and impartial.
  • Sugarcane – the node of the sugar cane forms the ladder for the Kitchen God to reach the sky.
  • Rice cake – to make his mouth sticky so no bad things would leak out
  • Satsumas, tangerines and red Sugar – to sweeten his mouth
  • Paper Horse, black robe and boots – costume and transport for his journey to the Jade Emperor
  • Cheat Sheet – a yellow piece of paper with words chosen by the family

Now I wonder what happened to the bowl of rice and water …

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