W370xH320mm, China

Once upon a time, the princess of the Dragon King decided to sneak out of the palace in disguised as a 3 legged toad.  She left the Dragon Lake and hopped along the stream, in the wood a large python was thinking a toad would make a good lunch.  Luckily this was spotted by the young Liu Hau who was collecting logs for fire, Liu rescued the toad just as the python was about to make his attack.  The princes was moved and left him a magic dragon pearl.  After returning to the palace, the princess found herself in love with Liu so she sneaked out as a toad to look for him.  One day, Liu came by the Dragon Lake for a drink of water and saw a string of coins, he looked around for the person who have left it behind but there were no one around, though poor Liu didnt keep it for himself.  As he started to head home, the string of coins started to ring.  Little did he know that the princess toad was holding the other end of the string in the lake, she was hoping to attract his attention with the coins.  While he was examining the ringing coins, the python had returned to make his revenge and attack Liu from behind, out of desperation the toad thrown herself in between the two to protect Liu.  With the distraction, Liu managed to picked up the axe he used for chopping woods and split the python in half.  He was grateful for the little toad and started to play with it with string of coins, Liu said, “it would be great if you are a young girl, then we can get married and play together all the time.”.  The toad hopped behind him, Liu felt the string got a stronger pull, turning around he found a beautiful girl standing behind him.  Liu was shocked, “where is my little toad and who are you?”  The girl told her the whole story and Liu was moved and the two lived happily ever after.