Bamboo Lid

DIA390mm, China

A bamboo weaved lid that would have belonged to a bamboo stacking basket in the Jiang Su area.  The baskets would have come in pairs and carried with a shoulder pole with one at each end.  Almost like a triple decker hamper, the basket has 3 trays stacking over each other.  Used only in special occasions and festivals, its a container for seasonal gifts from the suitor to the girl’s family he is trying to proposed.  At the engagement, baskets of sesame cakes will be delivered to the bride to be which will be distributed to her relatives.  At the wedding day, varies gifts will be sent over to the brides family from the groom.  It does not end there with the wedding for these baskets; when a child is born, relatives will send with these baskets 6 different dishes to replenish the new mother, braised pork, stew fish, chicken, eggs, roast peanuts and a vegetable dish.