A game from my childhood.


  1. The Kalaha is played by 2 persons who make their moves alternatively.  They take a seat at opposite sides of the boards.  Each player has at his disposal the 6 small grooves next to him – the ambos – and the big groove at his right – the kalaha
  2. The aim is for each player to gather as many balls as possible in his own kalaha; the total amount of balls is 36
  3. Before the game starts the balls must be placed in the ambos, 3 pcs.  In each, none in the kalaha.
  4. The player selects one of his own ambos from which he removes all the balls.  Then he drops these balls one by one, from the left to the right, into his own ambos and also into the kalaha when it is next in turn.  If there are any balls left these must be dropped into the opponent’s ambos, but not into his kalah.
  5. An extra move is granted if the player drops his last ball into his own kalaha.
  6. if the player drops his last ball into an empty ambo of his own he may take both this ball and the balls in the opponent’s ambo directly opposite and drop all of them into his own kalah.
  7. The game is over when the ambos of one of hte players are empty.  The player who still has balls left in his ambos may move them into his onw kalaha as they shall be included in the final result.
  8. The player whose kalaha holds the major part of the balls is the winner.