golden wood carvingW60xL90xH130mm, China

This is a figurine of the character Fan Li Hua, one of the four famous Chinese female warriors (Hua Mu Lan, Mu Gui Ying and Qiu Jin).

Fan Li Hua is the beautiful daughter of a border general, well treated in military tactic and martial art, married to General Xue Ding Shan, she was also a general herself and pacified the western counties in the Tang dynasty.  The story of Fan Li Hua has been made into opera, “Fan Jiang Guan”.  The story began with Emperor and General Xue’s father trapped by the enemy in the town, Suo Yang Cheng.  The mother of General Xue has send a message for Fan to help with situation, at the same time, the twin sister of Xue has arrived with the army supply.  At this point, Xue’s sister has a strategic dispute with Fan Li Hua (who by then is already a General).  The spoiled sister-in-law started a fight, though no match against Fan wanted the upper hand.  Fan uses her wit and managed to calm the household as well as rescuing the Emperor.