W220xH440mm, China

The fan the matchmaker was holding is made from the leave of a palm tree, this instead is a goose feather fan and its most famous owner is no other than Zhu Ge Liang, the strategist of the San Guo period around 200AD.  Zhu Ge Liang is also known as Kong Ming, not only is he good at military strategy, he is also an inventor and literati, a symbol of intellect (apparently he is real handsome too).  Zhu Ge Liang, despite of the seasonal change, is never without his fan, they are almost inseparable from this gift from his wife.  Once upon a time there is a literati called Huang Cheng Yan, he has a beautiful daughter, to keep her safe from the men around, he named her ugly and she her to learn all sorts of martial arts.  When she completed the martial art apprenticeship her master gave her a goose feather fan.  On the fan is the word Ming and Liang and strategic military plans, her master told her the future husband will have the word Ming and Liang (shiny) in his name.  She married Zhu Ge Liang and gave him the fan as a present, he then had it everywhere he goes, even going with it to war.  It seems the fan is not only representing the love between the couple but a bible for military strategy.