chopstick holderW100xD60xH190, China

This is a item which used to be in every household, a pottery chopstick drainer, a bit like the cutlery drainer which is now replaced by the plastic draining tray.  I must admit I am part of the plaster tray generation and have never seen the chopstick drainer in action.

On the drainer is written 百子千孫, hundred of sons and thousands of grandsons, a blessing of fertility.  At a time when mortality rate is high, a large family to continuation the bloodline is the most important aim in life, though it does such a priority in life as much (particularly with China’s one child policy) its still seen as a welcome blessing for the family.

cardW110xH150mm, Hong Kong

A series of paper cutout greeting cards of cats by Mountain Folkcraft.

Here a blue cat in a sitting pose, ever wonder how many ways they can sit?

Have a good weekend and spend some time with the cat!


DIA85mm, China

A jade carved bracelet.

The pattern of the bracelet comes from a bundle of twisted yarn, a pattern that became popular as far back as the Warring State period.

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Collectible Jewellery Collection

fish sculptureW15xD24xH42mm, Hong Kong

A paper sculpture of a three dimension impression of a fish swimming downward.


golden wood carving

W150xD40xH180mm, China

The two character on this wood block carving is Fan Li Hua and Xue Ding Shan.  The story of the two are in opera, movies and on telly with Fan Li Hua being the famous female warrior of the Tang dynasty.  Fan was the daughter of the general of the country name Onog, both beautiful and with superb martial skills.   General Xue was in charged of expanding on the western territories; Fan was assigned to aid his father at the battle by  her mother who also told her that she was destined to marry Xue.  Without effort Fan defeated her enemy and requested for a battle with General Xue and quickly defeated Xue as well.  Her terms for ending the war was for him to marry her, three times she captured him and released him and .  General Xue was moved and the two was married, Fan then pretended to loss the battle and was captured by Xue.  Fan then help Xue to conquer the western frontier.

Here is another carving of Fan Li Hau.


DIA150xH20mm, China

To celebrate the victory of  Germany winning the World Cup, here a plate with the lion playing with a xiu qiu.

The composition of the lion playing with the ball is a traditional blessing pattern.  The lion being nonnative in China was a mystical creature, not only is it the symbol of power and strength, it is also the carrier of the Manjusri Bodhisattva.    Lions sculptures are often found outside buildings as the guard against evils.  Here is the legend of how this supreme creature start getting addicted playing with balls; during the Southern and Northern dynasty, there is a general named Zong Que who was in a losing battle.  Zong thought of a way to breaking out of the surrounding enemy, he had the soldier build a figure of the lion, put on a mask and dressed in yellow fur, from a distance the enemy thought the lion has arrived and flee, enabling Zong’s army to escape from the situation.  The army celebrated  with the local villages and the tradition went on, to humanize the lion more movements were added as well as the xiu qiu ball.  The pattern of the lion and the xiu qiu is a blessing of strength and energy.

Click here to see our other items of the lion and the xiu qiu.

fabric stensil fabric stensil

W160xL120xH65mm, India

A wood carved stamp for printing pattern on fabric in India, a bunta.

Wonder what the pattern will look like with this stencil?

orange bead

DIA220mm, Hong Kong

Necklace with silver foil glass beads.

Here is how silver foil beads are made.

and here is how silver foils are made.

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ha wan paoThe new issue (issue 8) of Ha Wan Pao is out and is available at Mountain Folkcraft and the following stocklists.

Ha Wan Pao is a monthly paper about people who make beautiful things. whether they’re making comic books, tofu or shoes; what they have in common is the quiet pursuit of excellence.
Ha Wan (下環) is an old name for Wanchai – the Hong Kong neighbourhood where the project was born.

HWP is created by Anna Gleeson with contributions from Furze Chan.

Small CupsDIA40xH20mm, China

After a feast of  Chao Zhou food, trays of Kang Hu Te would be served in tiny cups.  They are equivalent of espresso for  coffee, a strong and flavorful tea best take in small dosage.  They are so tasty and perfect for the digestion that one would often have one too many and end up counting sheep.

Talking about Chao Zhou food, particularly missed the local joint on the building as our shop.  Unpretentious, a 4 meter square kitchen, one chef and one waiter, serving the amazing food for 40 guests cramped into the small rooms.  Sadly, the chef has retired and the drawnwork yarn shop at the same premise was no longer there.  Thinking about it is making my mouth water.


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