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Clay Tiger ToyW100xL120xH140mm, China

As the clay toys of Nie Jia Zhuang was selected as the Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage, it also signified that it is a dyeing art which is in need of protection.  The making of clay toys in the area dated back to the Ming  dynasty, folk song was sung about these colour clay toys.  Up to the 80s, they were ever so popular, every kid would own one.

This roaring tiger, has a leather waist which forms as a bellow to the squeak inside the front half of the body.

clay toy

W 130D50xH130mm, China

Clay figurines are a popular toy for adults and childern allover China and could be dated back to over 5000 years.  In the area of  Xu Zhou, clay figurines of dogs, pigs, rooster, duck and even houses were found in Neolithic sites.  The tradition continues and was the most established in the Ming and Qing dynasty more subject matter were covered.  The more natural non coloured version were favored by intellectuals while the mono white and black version are amulet figures.  This figurine being decorated with colour is toy tiger.

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Clay wall hangerW200xH250xD50mm, China

This clay wall hanger is the form of a tiger, it offers protection from the evils.  In the rural area of Shaan Xi, before Chinese New Year every household would would be placed a new tiger hanger on the lintel of the door.  The origin of the wall hanger came from the Ground Theatre (Di Xi), find any similarity?

W80xD60xH130mm, China

This is a toy from the famous Nie estate village, it is believed in the Ming dynasty a man named Nie arrived from He Bei on the run from a business failure.  On his desperation he arrived with his wife to a village in Shan Dong, even exhausted and penniless his mind was still reminiscent on the days of high life.  He grabbed a handful of clay and formed it in a clay tin, he then filled it with a bit fireworks and left the top open with a small hole.  Upon ignition, there comes an amazing fireworks display, it instantly became a hit and he name it Guo Zi Hua (fireworks in a pot).  It soon turned into a speciality of the village, the clay figure became more decorative and take on figurines of humans and different animals, so after the display of the fireworks, one get to keep a clay toy as well.  As time goes by the fireworks were taken out and the focus started on the clay figurine toy itself.

This is a pair of clay lions which about from being a toy also can function as bookends.

DIA50mm, China

Yes yes I know tigers dont squeak, they roar … This toy is in keeping with the Chinese fascination of tiger as a protector guardian of children and child’s tiger squeak…  This tiger is made out of 2 pieces of clay, a bit like an oreo cookie, however it is a thin leather or toughen paper that is sandwich in between.  A squeak is fixed in the bottom layer, by moving the 2 parts a squeak will be sound.  It is known as the leather tiger.  It happens in China all the air blower tools, from bellow to a camera len blower are all called the leather tiger, can this only be a coincident?  or would it be some tribute to this toy.  Sadly, this toy is not longer popular for today’s children and are quite hard to find.

happy encounter necklace

DIA195mm, China

Now for something old, this is an original long life locket necklace.

There are a lot of symbolism on this necklace.

First, Survival –  the Locket – Long Life Locket, a lock with would secure one’s life to this work.  This have been also featured in the following blogs; Original Long Life Locket, 13 Tai Bao Locket, Kirin Boy Necklace, Locket, Silver Necklace, A Fu, Du Dou.  On this particular locket, it has written the blessing of longevity and prosperity.

Then, Happiness is a spirit that all humanity long for, the Chinese too uses a lot of symbols for it.  The two children hanging on either side of the necklace is call “Happy Encounters”,  two of them meeting up, enjoying the company of each other.  They can also be found in another one of our Original Long Life Locket.

Third, Protector – the two rounded capsules which are in fact bells in the form of a tiger head, a symbol of protection for the child.  Tiger, an animal of power has always been worshiped, the Chinese would entrust their children to be under their protection.  Other toys and children’s clothing also shared the same effect; Tiger Headband, Tiger Du Dou, Tiger Shoes, Tiger Squeak, Cloth Tiger Toy.  The bell would add another layer of that protection of the power to chase the devil away, see Bell Necklace.

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