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W400 X H500mm, China

 This wood block print is part of a set of 4 on the theme of “four seasons flower with birds”.  The 4 seasons flowers, as its name described, depicted typical flowers of the season, a wish for the 4 seasons to be filled with life, beauty and growth.

This particular print features the clove (the small red flowers on the two sides) and marigold in the front.

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four season flower bowl four season flower bowlDIA160xH60mm, China

The four season flowers, Narcissus, Lotus, Chrysanthemum, Plum Blossom, were a popular decoration for pottery and other works of art.  They symbolizes a good fortune for all the four seasons.

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The four seasons are appreciated all over the world, here is Mutter’s amazing performance on Vivaldi.


W110xH150mm, Hong Kong

One of a pair of cards for with the blessing “peace for the 4 seasons“.

Features boys each holding a potted plant, plum blossom, orchid, chrysanthemum and lotus, the four plants are known as the four season flowers, each representing a season.

Spring – orchid, Summer – lotus, Autumn – chrysanthemum, Winter – plum blossom

The “vase” 瓶 (ping) has the same pronunciation as “peace” 平 (ping); thus symbolizing peace all year round.


W1070xH1180mm, China

A wall hanger embroidery, use for festivities such as birthday for the elders or for new born babies.

The embroidery is full of well wishes;

Blossom of the Four Season Flowers – (Narcissus, Lotus, Chrysanthemum, Plum) representing good fortune all year round.
Dragon & Phoenix – (Dragon a concept of mammals, fish and reptiles while the phoenix of the birds) the combination of the dragon and the phoenix is the totality, the perfect match.
Kirin Delivery of a Baby Boy – (legend of how Confucius was born) and of course every parents would like to have a son as smart as Confucius.
Ru Yi and the Birthday Peach – (man on a horse was holding a scepter and a birthday peach).  The birthday peach representing longevity while the decorative scepter has the name of “as you wish”.

L230xW130xH40, China

This is a Four Season Floral Plate use specifically for presenting poultry dishes (roast duck in particular).  The four season flowers are: Narcissus, Lotus, Chrysanthemum, Plum Blossom; they represented good fortune for every season.

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