DIA 70mm, India

Since we are getting a few inputs for the Indian bangles, I will take the opportunity to post another ivory bangle that was bought from India a long time ago.

Instead of talking about the bangle (please could the experts help me out on this one?  is it also a choodi?), I would like to share with you a story.

During their honeymoon in India my parents fell in love with the craft they saw there, pieces were bought for their collection and friends were made.  Some years later they opened the shop, remembering the nice items they saw they returned to hunt for interesting objects for the shop.  In New Delhi, they met the craft vendor they had met in the trip before, after careful selection they have chosen a boxful of goodies (and this is one of them) and asked the vendor to ship it back to Hong Kong for them.  A couple of months later, a policeman turned up at the shop and asked for my father to go to the airport with him.  He was brought to the custom office, there on a table was a hand made aluminum case, in a secret compartment the custom officers had found plastic bags of powders neatly packed together.  Clueless and shaken dad was detained while further investigation took place.  Minutes were like years.  And it turned out to be – packets of very fine sand.  Once home, Dad called up the vendor and asked him why he had hidden the sand in the suitcase and the vendor in turned asked the case maker … innocently the case maker reply, “Aluminum is very light material, I was only trying to make the my case more substantial!”

And of course if you asked us to ship the ivory bangle to you now, we will both end up at the police station.